7 Physical signs of lost of virginity in men and women
physical signs of lost of virginity

Virginity is a more or less big deal to many people. Being a virgin means you haven’t had any kind of penetrative sex. Whether that’s vaginal (penis-in-vagina), anal, oral, with fingers, or using sex toys. After your first act of sexual intercourse, it is normal to have plenty of concerns about changes in your body. After their first time, many men and women become scared that there may be visible physical signs of lost virginity afterward. Your body doesn’t change after you have sex for the first, second, third, or fiftieth time. However, there are changes, both physical and emotional that take place when you lose your virginity. The following are physical signs of loss of virginity that you should expect to see:

Physical signs of lost virginity for women

Women experience certain physical changes and physiological reactions related to sexual arousal after they have their first sexual intercourse. These arousal-related responses are only temporary. Your body isn’t changing rather, it’s just responding to the sexual stimulus. Below are those signs:

Your vagina walls will begin to stretch

The vaginal walls are normally tight when you are a virgin. After your first sexual intercourse, the vaginal walls will begin to expand and become flexible. Repeated sex makes the vaginal walls less rigid and more elastic. Sex makes them stretch to make the act less painful and hence more enjoyable. At first, you might feel pain if the vagina does not lubricate itself enough. That is why foreplay before the act can go a long way to help the vagina lubricate itself. This does not mean that your vagina is already used to sex. It will take more time before it gets used to penetration.

Physical signs of lost of virginity

Your breasts will become firmer and even bigger

Depending upon the arousal level during sex, your breast might increase in size up to 25% progressively after the sexual intercourse. This is owing to the hormonal changes that your body notices and the distended blood vessels that allow blood flow in your breast, making them swell and increase in size. But the firmness of your breast is only temporary. This does not mean that you will henceforth have permanently firmer breasts.

Your nipples and clitoris become oversensitive

This is medically called Vasocongestion. It is actually the swelling of bodily tissues including the breasts, nipples, labia (inner and outer lips of the vagina), and the clitoris caused by increased vascular blood flow to them. When you start having sex, well-oxygenated blood is supplied to your genitals and breasts making them become tense, erect, hard, and overly sensitive. This helps you to reach orgasm faster. After your first sex, your nipples might remain generally more sensitive than they were when you were still a virgin.

You may experience light vaginal bleeding

This is a frequent physical signs of lost of virginity. The hymen is a loose piece of tissue that hangs around the vagina. During sex for the first time, the hymen could stretch due to penetration leading to some light vaginal bleeding as potting which can last for one or two days. However, the hymen can rupture even without any sexual activity especially during rigorous sports exercises or the hymen might not completely tear away during the first sexual act. So, it is important to not panic whether you bleed or not as not all women will bleed during their first sex.

You may experience a delay in your menstrual cycle

Another physical signs of lost of virginity is that after sexual intercourse, there is a surge in hormones which could disrupt your normal menstrual cycle by a day or two. In case the delay is for more than a week then it could be a sign of conception and so a checkup at the hospital to confirm this will be very important.

You could notice signs of pregnancy

Signs such as vomiting, loss of appetite, and difficulty sleeping could be noticed after your first sex. These could probably indicate that you are pregnant. Remember, whenever semen or pre-cum gets in your vagina, pregnancy can happen whether it’s your first time or your hundredth time having sex. You can also get pregnant semen gets on or near the outside of your genitals, or if fingers that have wet semen on them touch your vulva or vagina. All it requires is only a single sperm to cause pregnancy.

Your skin may start to glow

If your first sex happens with the person of your dream or just the way you wanted it and most especially if the act finished in orgasm, there will be this glow on your face. This is actually one of the less known though true rewards of losing your virginity. It is due to the fact that sexual intercourse improves blood circulation, bringing oxygen to the skin, giving it a glorious radiance and youthful glow. This is also thanks to the secretion of happy hormones such as oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine when you orgasm.

Physical signs of loss of virginity in men

For men, the signs of loss of virginity are more emotional than physical. Men dwell with fears of; was I good in bed? Did I last long enough? Was I able to satisfy her? Or was I even on the right track and doing it the right way? The pressure is likened to that you have before taking an examination and you return wondering if you performed well enough to dodge the derogatory “one-minute man” term. You do try so hard to hide your inexperience from your partner whereas you could instead discuss it with her.


All of these arousal-related responses are only temporary except for the nipple sensitivity that last even after sex. After sexual intercourse, your body will surely though gradually return to its normal state. There is no way another person would know for sure that you’re no longer a virgin without deep examination or you telling on yourself.

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